Do’nt be afraid of market weakness, Trading Picks 28 April 2015 Tuesday

stock future tipsDuring April series market has seen high fluctuations. However April series was started strongly, but this positive trigger was foiled in a few days. Last week of market has proved to be quite poor.

Experts said, do not be afraid of market weakness, it is good opportunity to put money in major stocks. Invest in quality shares. Many heavyweight stocks are available at cheap prices.

Metal and Commodity shares expected to give 15-18% EPS growth, Private sector bank may give good return.

Today Market eyed on Bharti Airtel and Idea cellular quarterly results.

Trading Pick

Maruti Suzuki: Buy above 3765 Target 3802.00.

icici bank maruti suzuki

Quarterly Result ICICI Bank and Maruti Suzuki

icici bank maruti suzuki quarterly resultICICI Bank Q4 Result

Profit is Rs 2922 crore increased 10.2%. Income from interest is Rs 5079 crore increased 16.6%. In January- March quarter the Gross NPA increased from 3.4% to 3.78%. NET NPA increased from 1.27% to 1.61% on QOQ basis. The Bank board announce dividend of Rs 5 per share.

Maruti Suzuki Q4 Result

Profit is Rs 1284 crore increased 60.5%. Income is Rs 13625 crore increased 12.6%. On YOY basis, the EBITDA increased from Rs 1248 crore to Rs 2155 crore, and EBITDA margin raised from 10.3% to 15.8%. On yearly basis the company’s tax expenses increased from Rs 247 crore to Rs 437 crore. Maruti Suzuki announce dividend of Rs 25 per share.