experts advice, future trading strategy, Market prediction, Nifty Future trading tips, Nifty outlook, BJP’s victory in UP elections, positively affected on the Domestic Market. Sensex and Nifty has opened recorded high for the first time since March 2015, US Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rate in America. Meantime Sensex trading higher by 460 points or 1.59 percent at 29405. while Nifty up 140 points or 1.60 percent at 9077.
“Here is the important question”, Has the market moved to the 9,000-9,300 range?  it is depended on two thongs, One is US Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rate. How hawkish the tone will be especially after the recent employment data. The second is the advance tax numbers which will be out on March 16. Due to the upturn in the market, the total market cap of all companies reached near Rs 119 lakh crore. The total market cap was all companies 118.87 lakh crore till 11.00 AM.