tcsIT heavyweight TCS December quarterly results has come. in the fiscal year 2017 third quarter, the profit of company increased 2.9% to Rs 6778 crore, in the second quarter the profit was Rs 6586 crore.
In the third quarter, the income of the company is increased 1.5% to Rs 2975 crore, and dollar income increased 0.3% to $ 438.7 crore.
On quarterly basis October-December quarter the EBITA of TCS hopes to increase from Rs 7617 crore to Rs 7733 crore.
In the fiscal year, 2017 TCS revenue from communication, media, and tech business revenue fell 2.9%. BFSI revenue increased 1.7%, Manufacturing revenue increased 0.7% retail and consumer business revenue increased 1.2%. TCS has announced a dividend of Rs 6.50 per share to its shareholders.